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Vision 2024: A New Consciousness

Whatever the circumstances of life, if you are reading this, Rejoice! You have made it to 2024!

And it is no accident that you are here. It is divine. All the “couldas” that could have happened, didn’t. And all of the “shouldas” should be left in the bend of the turning year.

As it is no accident that we are here, we must accept not only the benefit of our planet presence but the responsibility. The responsibility includes both our manifest consciousness, as well as unrevealed purpose. In other words, there are some recognized responsibilities that we know we must address for ourselves and others in our care. Mothers must mother, teachers teach, doctors doctor and so on. These are manifest purposes, often linked to making our living. But what about the unrevealed purposes; the divine purpose of our life?

For a select few the manifest and divine purpose may be one. However, this is not the case for most of us. This is why so many of us live busy, but yearning existences. We want something else, something more, something that we know is missing, but can’t put our fingers on. So we take on more and more activities, people, and attitudes trying to find the missing link. We become or desire to become ‘influencers’, looking for that pop from others. We become despondent, depressed, and vulnerable to following any idea, ideology, or personality that can speak or sing our plight.

But we’ve made it to 2024! Now let’s make it not only a new year but a new consciousness. As they say “Let’s level up”. Let’s go for divine fulfillment. Consciousness is the state of knowing what is self versus what is not self. Let us be intentional about examining self, magnifying the desired within us, and rooting out the unclean, the untrue, and the unhealed.

We set the intention.

We develop the practice of self-awareness.

We lean into trusting self so we can love ourselves first.


Then we can change the narrative of our lives.

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